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Total Driver- Bootcamp for the Urban Warrior - Tour

Bootcamp for the Urban warrior is about education, passion, adventure and excitement in driving.
They take you places you have never been, to see things you’ve never seen, for the adventures of which you’ve always dreamed!

They include education in 4WD as their courses.

Their four themed events are money cannot buy experiences.

Speed Week, is the opportunity to be on the Salt Lake at Lake Gairdner, a once-a-year opportunity to be part of a team breaking the land speed and other records with both electric and petrol vehicles.

Big Red Bash, is Australia's largest outdoor Rock Concert.
The Trip includes the Outback Loop, destinations and events such as Lake Eyre and Arkoola Observatory.

Dinosaur tours, Winton Queensland, the world's largest source of Dinosaur fossils and remains.

Cairns to Cape charity tour- a twist on an iconic trip.
This is no ordinary trip to Cape York. This is in the spirit of the Leyland Brothers, no bitumen allowed.

What makes their tours and adventures so different?
1. Themed events, so there is so much anticipation for the destination.
2. How to get there, anyone can travel in a convoy on bitumen roads, but to use the original network of tracks to connect places, enjoy overland driving and experience the fullness of Australia, that is unique.
3. Full support. Including 4x4 driver instruction and mechanical.

Big Red Bash and Outback Loop adventure


Incorporating three iconic outback tracks – Birdsville, Strzelecki, and Oodnadatta – The Outback Loop invites travellers to explore this unique region, including the towns, characters, history, stories, and the extraordinary attractions that combine to create a part of Australia few others have experienced. Your First experiences on The Outback Loop will blow you away, there is something about the desert stars, the Milky Way-lit night skies, Simpson dunes and desert wildflowers that will entice you back to the Loop. “Straight away, just looking up you could reach up and touch those stars. You could see shooting stars that were so close. And it wasn’t just one, and then an hour later you might see another, there were masses of them. There were satellites, there were planes in the distance, it was astonishing!”- Cameraman, editor, film producer, director… Andrew Kennedy “Whatever your perception of stars may be, prepare to have it blown totally out of the water.” For your first time, though, it will be a once in a lifetime journey, full of stories, memories, and a couple of photographs for the personal collection

Tariffs include:

Cairns to Cape charity tour and 4x4 adventure


A 14-day Cape York adventure, with a twist. All Vehicles entered must be stock standard (SUV or 4×4), and the tour is capped at 20 vehicles. There are challenges, competitions and prizes on the way. This charity event is one not to be missed. If you are the competitive type, sign up your employer or business, your mates and their competition. It is all about raw adventure spirit in the names of those that opened Australia before us.

Tariffs include:

Dinosaur Trail and Tag-along 4x4 Tour


Follow in the footsteps of the prehistoric creatures that once roamed this ancient land. The Australian Dinosaur Trail encompasses the towns of Winton, Hughenden and Richmond which all have their own unique dinosaur stories to tell. A journey along Australia’s Dinosaur Trail offers visitors a range of unique experiences not available anywhere else in the world, let alone Australia. In Winton visit Lark Quarry Dinosaur Trackways which is set in an amazing landscape of red earth, Spinifex and jump-up country. See the dinosaur footprints which inspired the dinosaur stampede in Stephen Spielberg’s movie ‘Jurassic Park’. Head to the Australian Age of Dinosaurs Museum to see the world’s largest collection of Australian Dinosaur fossils. In Hughenden , meet Hughie a skeletal Muttaburrasaurus at The Flinders Discovery Centre. Travel north from Hughenden to Porcupine Gorge National Park to see 500 million years of layers of rock formations in this deep gorge system, known as the Australia’s ‘Little Grand Canyon’. In Richmond, visit Kronosaurus Korner which is primarily dedicated to displaying marine reptiles. However, Kronosaurus Korner is also home to Australia’s best preserved dinosaur skeleton.

Tariffs include:


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