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Holoverse - Attraction

This is a new hi-tech Entertainment Centre that uses Holograms in many different forms of entertainment.

Perhaps you’ve seen holograms in movies like Star Wars or Star Trek? Well, Holograms look real and solid but they are made of laser light. They float in the air and you can put your hand straight through them!

The attractions at Holoverse are great kid’s activities but adults will have an awesome time too!
You and your family or friends go into your own personal Hologram Theatre where you will be taken away to totally new worlds!

Holographic sessions go for about 35 minutes, including putting on your equipment. Two sessions go for about 1 hour and 20 minutes (most customers do two sessions).

Open now in Westfield Carindale and Surfers Paradise, new updates and games are being released constantly for people of every age.

Book now by calling or simply walk in!
Parking available on-site.

  • Cafe
  • Carpark
  • Enquiry Desk
  • Family Friendly
  • Games or recreation room
  • Non Smoking
  • Parents Room
  • Public Toilet
  • Restaurant
  • Shop / Gift Shop