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10 cafes you must visit on the Gold Coast

Mirna Segal

The Gold Coast is renowned for having a solid coffee scene and a variety of amazing food spots. Although it’s hard to narrow it down to the best, there are some great cafes which stand out amongst the rest.

1. Stones Throw, Burleigh Heads

One of the newer cafes in Burleigh Heads, Stones Throw is an absolute hidden gem away from the busy strip in Burleigh. It really stands out with its rich coffee, top service and amazing food, not to mention the intimate space, even though it’s on a busy road. With their own juices and house made pies, there’s simply nothing to fault at this incredible little hangout.

2. BSKT Cafe, Nobby Beach

Health food, but pimped. BSKT Cafe has the perfect menu to keep both vegans and omnivores excited. They boast a variety of unique items and flavours which have clearly had a lot of love and thought put into them. 12-hour sticky pork, falafel plate and CocoWhip (probiotic coconut soft serve) is just touching the surface of the delicious items to choose from.

3. Elk Espresso, Broadbeach

As you drive down the quiet street to find Elk Espresso, you probably won’t be expecting too much of what’s to come. But as soon as you enter this bustling cafe, you’re welcomed with smiles, music, rich coffee aromas and the smell of house-baked treats. Though the menu isn’t too extensive, they do what they do, well. The energetic and chatty staff make this place feel like you’ve just popped round to a mate’s place for lunch.

4. Barefoot Barista, Palm Beach

Though Barefoot Barista is no secret by any means, there’s still a rustic, organic vibe to it which makes it feel undiscovered. Start with one of their cold brew coffees before indulging in something from their breakfast or lunch menu. Fresh, colourful and 100% flavourful in a unique, upcycled hangout.

5. Daark Espresso, Labrador

Stepping into Daark Espresso feels like you’re stepping into another world. It’s very busy, but strangely relaxing. Attentive staff provide meals and beverages high in quality and creativity and quick in service. It’s packed to the rim with customers waiting around for an empty table, which is always a sign of a great cafe.

6. Le Cafe Gourmand, Mermaid Beach

The place to go if you can't bear to go for lunch without your pet. Not only do you get a choice of delicate, handmade treats, bring your dog along to enjoy their crazy-popular dog ice cream. Who said you can only go on cafe dates with humans? The little patch of grass and closed-in corner spot make you *almost* feel like you’re completely tucked away from the crowds.

7. Madame Tojo's Coffee Palace, Labrador

Being in this very eccentric, small, dark cafe feels like you’re having a coffee in a thrift store, which is both unusual and unique. But if you want to experience a cafe truly like no other, go in with an open mind, order anything from the menu (it all looked delish) then sit back and take it all in. The food is clearly made with love, so don’t go in expecting a quick grab-n-go. Madame Tojo is worth a visit simply for the one-of-a-kind experience.

8. Rockleigh Cafe, Coolangatta

Warm atmosphere, cosy vibe, friendly staff and a delicious menu. Rockleigh Cafe doesn’t do a huge variety of items, they do just the right amount to perfect each one. Their secret seems to be in the simplicity. As soon as you’ve visited Rockleigh Cafe, you’ll feel like you’ve discovered this wonderful secret spot and you won’t want to tell anyone about it, while simultaneously wanting to tell everyone you know about it.

9. Double Barrel Kitchen, Mermaid Beach

Another fairly new cafe that has started off with a bang, Double Barrel Kitchen seems to have it all right. Despite being in a hidden, suburban location, the cafe has so many wow factors going for it. Modern Australian food with a hint of worldly flavours, incredible coffee and funky ambience. And to top it off, the staff are friendly and clearly love being a part of this thriving little spot.

10. Terrarium, Oxenford

When looking up directions to Terrarium, you’ll quickly notice that it seems fairly out of the way, almost too out of the way to even bother going off-route. BUT…if you ignore this little pot of hidden gold, you’ll never experience its absolute wonders and flavours. Filling and flavoursome meals are enhanced by the incredible coffee and complemented with amazing decor. As soon as you step in you’ll feel like you’ve discovered a little hidden hideout that only the very locals would know about. If you want to be guaranteed an amazing meal, be sure to go out of your way to experience Terrarium.

Mirna Segal

Breathe Travel

Mirna is an obsessed traveller dedicated to showing women around how to get going in the best and safest ways. She founded Breathe Travel to provide an online platform where women can share their own tips, information and advice to fellow travellers around the world. Mirna has travelled with her husband for almost two years and they hope to make their next big trip one of their beautiful country, Australia. Visit her site at

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