Man holding a surfboard with a backdrop of the Gold Coast

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In the Hood


We're not the type to big note ourselves, but even we know there's not too many places around serving up cruisy coastal digs alongside hidden hinterland gems and swanky city establishments – each of our ‘hoods is knocking up a flavour entirely of its own.


Bare feet, salty skin, curling waves and boundless beach days is what awaits you on the southern corner of the Coast. Revel with us in the relaxing vibes akin to retro beach culture of days gone by, sip on a pale ale with our surfing legend mates, make friends with laid-back locals at beachside burger bars (where going barefoot is not just acceptable, but encouraged), and meander along the crystalline shoreline that stretches from Palmy down to Cooly.


Turn it up a notch with a little cosmopolitan coolness and cruise north along the sand from Burleigh to Main Beach to discover an urban hood that's turning on more swag than meets the eye. Yes, we've got bright lights and bustling streets aplenty – but we're also home to an epic foodie scene, hidden and not-so-secret nightlife haunts, revamped shopping destinations, and the perfect number of swimming and sunning hot spots to give you that "I've-just-been-on-holiday" glow.


City or sea not so much your thing? Don't worry – we've got you covered, too. Ditch the shore and head for the hills. Take a road trip with the gals and actually put that active wear to good use, with hiking trails and secret waterfalls aplenty – it's time to release that inner #naturegoddess. Recharge with a spiced kombucha or BYO picnic complete with a local bottle of vino, before spending the arvo moseying through charming antique stores (hello vintage finds!).


Jam-packed with joie de vivre, our northern end is known for charming all in a matter of moments. Feast in sophisticated settings by yacht-filled marinas, settle in for a bit of deck-side wining and dining on the Broadwater, or dial up the pace and let the nostalgia kick-in at theme parks that rise from the sand.

Just like the perfect partner, we're ticking all the right boxes.